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The Real World
by Andrew Tate

14,937+ students have already secured their seat


What is The Real World?

The Real World is an exclusive community by Andrew Tate that exists outside of the Matrix where you have private access to:

  • E-commerce

  • Amazon FBA

  • Copywriting

  • Freelancing

  • Crypto & NFT's

  • Stocks & Options

  • Hustler's University

  • Verified Millionaires

  • and much more


The Matrix wants you poor, weak, alone, and obedient.

When a powerful force like Andrew Tate tries to wake you up, the Matrix attempts to erase him.

It's time to wake up, Neo.


You must become rich, strong, well-connected, with a soul of fire.

We are opening a mass portal to escape slavery.

Is The Real World the same as 
Hustler's University?

andrew tate the real world logo.png

Hustler's University was Step 1 of our 3-Step plan.

The Real World is step 2.

The educational platform at Hustler’s University will be completely outside of the Matrix.



1) Will Hustler's University members have access to The Real World?

All Hustler's University students will have access to The Real World as long as they keep their subscription active. You don’t need to register for The Real World on this page, and your membership fee will still be $49 monthly.

2) I already pre-ordered The Real World, but I am a Hustler's University student. Will I be charged twice?

No. After its release, all students who paid for The Real World's preorder will have the cost deducted from their HU renewal fee.

3) Will I pay $147 every month?

No, the $147 is a one-time fee that covers your first month + account setup.


Every month after your first month will be only $49.

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